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Hey there, nowadays, everybody is suffering from the global disease ‘Corona’.  To tackle this unhealthy situation, already the Indian Government implemented Lockdown across India. Even this situation is good for us, but many people are suffering from that. And in this hard situation, Assam state is implementing an Assam medicine Delivery Scheme to help the patients, who need medicine but not even able to buy it, because of the lockdown problem. This scheme is launched by the Healthcare Department of Assam Government. In this article, we will share with you all the information related to this Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme. In this very article, we will share the applying procedure, benefits and other information related to this scheme. Under this scheme, the Assam Government wanted to give on-time service of medicine to its citizens.

As we all know that, now the whole world is badly suffering from global disease, even India is now under this disease, named as Coronavirus (COVID-19). To tackle this unhealthy situation in India, the Central Government already implements the lockdown to save the citizens. Even the lockdown is good for us, but many of the citizens are badly suffering from the unwanted effects of this. There are many of the citizens are there, who are need regular medicines for such BP and Diabetes like problems, but they are suffering badly because of the lockdown. To looking and tackle with this situation, the Assam State Government’s wellbeing office has propelled this uncommon plan named as  Assam Dhanwantari The scheme, to deliver the required medicines to the patients home. Luckily, the medicines under Rs. 200/- will be free for anyone. If the cost of your medicines will be the above range of Rs. 200/-, then you should pay your amount to the delivering officer after you get the items.

Some Highlighted Key Points related to Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

Name of the Scheme
Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme
Launched By
Assam Government
Only the Residents of Assam
Delivering on-time medicines
Official Website

Benefits of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

There are many benefits are there of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme. The most important benefits are given below:
There are many people are there in Assam who needs to take medicine regularly as because of Blood Pressure and Diabetes type disease; this the scheme is highly beneficial for them.
Because of the lack of transportation in this lockdown time many elderly person can’t able to buy their medicine at time, this scheme is also most beneficial for them.

Delivery time of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

The delivering times of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme areas follows:
◦ If the required medicines are available in the district, then it will be delivered within 24 hours.
◦ If the required medicines are only available in the regional headquarters like Guwahati and Dibrugarh, then it will be delivered within 48 days.
◦ If the required medicines are not available in the state, and it is only available in the other sates, then it will take 7 days to deliver.

Implementation of Dhanwantari Medicine Delivery Scheme

Under this medical scheme, the helpline number 104 got 160 calls in the 4 hours of dispatch in Friday. Assam’s Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed in a Tweet that “42 demands out of there 260 calls have just been tended to and prescriptions have been conveyed to the patients on the main day itself”.

Procedure of Online apply in Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

The applying procedure is very simple of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme, as a common person can easily apply for it. The applying procedures are as follows:
◦ For ordering the medicine the citizens of Assam can simply call to the helpline no “104”.
◦ Visit the Official Website of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme.
◦ Now, the application form of Dhanwantari Scheme Home Delivery Scheme will b appear on the screen
◦ After that, you should fill some required basic details, such as:
      ◦ Name of the Patient
      ◦ Mobile Number of the Patient
      ◦ Correct Home address of the Patient
      ◦ Landmark
      ◦ Village/ City/ Town Name
     ◦ Pincode
     ◦ A basic or real reason for availing this           medicine delivery service
◦ After checking the all details carefully click on “Submit”
Even you can also share your prescription via WhatsApp through district specific number
The local ASHA workers and other Multi-purpose Workers will deliver the orders


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