Covid-19 National Portal: Online Apply for Migrant Workers

Hey there, nowadays, everybody is suffering from the global disease ‘Corona’.  To tackle this unhealthy situation, already the Indian Government implemented Lockdown across India. Even this situation is good for us, but many people are suffering from that. 
Daily laborers are highly suffering from lack of food and other things. To fight with this unwanted situation, along with the central government, the state governments also implement some of the new Schemes to the people of their states.

Even this situation is not good for everyone, but many workers are stuck in other states due to this lockdown situation. In his article, we will share with you all the important information related to the National COVID-19 Portal.
In this very article, we will share with you all the information related to this scheme such as application process, benefits, and eligibility criteria and so on. In this article, we all also shere the registration process step by step and clearly. Here, we will also share the specification of COVID-19 National Portal. This is launched for the migrant workers, which is stranding in other states in this lockdown situation.

The Government of India launched a National Portal for COVID-19 Affected Unorganized Workers. Actually, this online entry of COVID-19 will monitor the workers and their physical situation as because the whole Country is now suffering from the global disease ‘Corona’.  Under this very scheme, the governments will organize and manage employment opportunity for the poor workers, and make them financially stable. According to this scheme, the Central Government will give some financial help to those poor workers through different methods.

Some Highlighted Points of Covid-19 National Portal

Name of the Scheme
Covid-19 National Portal
Launched By
Indian Central Government
Providing help to the workers
Poor Migrant Workers
Official Website
Updating Soon

Implementation of Covid-19 National Portal

As we already said that this scheme is implemented by the Central or Union Government of India. Under this scheme, the Union legislature of India has accumulated subtleties of about 2.2 million transient workers. This Covid-19 National Portal will help the unorganized migrant workers who are suffering from many problems. 
Through this scheme, special specialists were organized to test those workers as they are affected or not in coronavirus. The Government will take care of the affected workers through those specialists. The government also said that all the labours are eligible to enlist them on Covid-19 National Portal as Unorganized sector migrant worker.

Benefits of this Scheme

The major benefits of this scheme are as follows:
◦ The workers who want to return home can get help through this scheme.
◦ The special industry will organize some mapping technology to look at if the workers live in red, orange and green zones through the entryway.

Precautions and Reliefs

Before permitting the migrant workers to start their work, they will be screened first as he is affected or not. As many State Governments, such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Haryana wanted to take their citizens back to their states. So, about more than 500,000 vagrant specialists were assessed to have strolled back home, as according to the Official Report. There are about 1.04 million specialists dwelling in 26,476 help camps according to the official figure.
Application Procedure of Covid-19 National Portal
The official Website didn’t announce an official notification yet related to Covid-19 National Portal. We will share with you all the information after the official announcement by the officials.

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