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Hey there, nowadays, everybody is suffering from the global disease ‘Corona’.  To tackle this unhealthy situation, already the Indian Government implemented Lockdown across India. Even this situation is good for us, but many people are suffering from that. Especially, the Daily labours are highly suffering from the lack of food and other things. To fight with this unwanted situation, along with central government, the state governments also implement some of the new Schemes to the people of their states.
As because of the lockdown situation many people are stuck in other places as the lack of money and transportation.  After looking at this problem clearly, the Haryana Government also implements and launched a new portal. Through this scheme, the people who are stuck in other states and wanted to return home can get the benefit. For this purpose, the Government of Haryana also announced an official portal as “edisha.gov.in” to register.
In this article, we will provide and guide you to register at this portal. In this article, we will share with you all the important information such as application procedure, benefits, eligibility criteria, documents required and so on.

  • Haryana Migrant Registration
As all the state governments go forward to help their migrant people, Haryana also doing the same. The Haryana Government wanted to help those people who are stuck in other states due to the lockdown situation.
For this benefit purpose, the Haryana government launched an online portal, named as Haryana edisha.gov.in. Along with this Official Website, the Haryana Government also launched an app to help the common people to grab the benefit through Smartphone. The name of this app is “Jana Sahayak Helpline” app.
If some person hasn’t any connectivity of the internet and doesn’t have any Smartphone, then they can register through online mode. For offline help, the people can call to the authorities of District Administration Helpline Number 1950 or the call centre Number 1100.
After getting permission from the Union Government, the State Governments are busy to return their citizens through some legal process.

What is edisha.gov.in?

Actually, edisha.gov.in is an online portal, launched by the Government of Haryana to help their citizens. Under this portal, those citizens who are stuck in other states due to lockdown can return to Haryana at a free of cost.

Some Highlighted Points Related to Haryana Migrant Registration Service

Haryana Migrant Registration Service
Launched By
Haryana Government
The citizens of Haryana State
To provide transport service to return home
Official Website

edisha.gov.in, eForms, Migrant Service

The number of total cases of COVID-19 is rapidly going increase in India. As the recovery rate of India is much above than 25%, but till now more than 40,000 cases are active. Even the rate of expired people is also going to increase, as about more than 2600 people were lost their souls.
 After looking at the growth rate, the central government again extended the lockdown period to 17th May as Lockdown 3.0. In this lockdown 3.0 days, the transport service will continue with 50% passenger, so the state governments help their citizens to return home in this period.

Benefits of Haryana Migrant Registration Service

This service is very important and beneficial to the citizens of Haryana State. The main benefit of this scheme is to the help of migrants. Under this scheme, the people who are stuck in other states due to COVID-19 lockdown can get benefits. The government authorities will help then to return home. To avail this service, the government of Haryana already launched edisha.gov.in portal and Jana Sahayak Helpline app.
The applicants can apply either through the web portal or the app.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Haryana Migrant Registration Service

The applicant should read the below criteria before going to apply:
o   The applicant should be a permanent resident of Haryana State.
o   Only the migrant workers will get this benefit.

Special benefits under Haryana Migrant Registration Service & edisha.gov.in portal

As we already said that those people who are stuck in other states will get the benefit of this service. After, they are returned to Haryana; they will get a complete test of COVID-19 for free. After that, some persons will be quarantine, who has some symptoms of COVID -19. They will get proper care from the medical staffs during quarantine time. Especially, some special camp or quarantine hall will be managed for them.
The person who is coming to Haryana from other states should carry a medical certificate of COVID-19 Negativity. After getting a negative report from those persons, if the medical specialist mined any symptoms of COVID-19 ten they will quarantine under medical perspective.

E Disha Registration for Haryana Migrants

The chief minister of Haryana State, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar said asked the migrant labour to remain the same place as after some days the industries will again open. If they are returning to their native village, then may they will be lost their jobs. He also said that, if the workers need any help then the government will provide then properly.

edisha login

The applicants who wanted to login in the edisha portal can visit the official website and follow the instructions as the official website give.

What is edisha Haryana?

Actually, edisha Hariyana is an online portal through the eligible person of Haryana can get the benefits from the Hariyana Government. 

What is edisha Portal?

Here, if you ask about the edisha portal then it will be simply the official website “www.edisha.gov.in”.


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