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Hey guys, we are again here to provide some important and new information to you about qtoken.in Mumbai. As we are known that the whole world is now badly suffering from global disease Corona. India is also suffering from this disease from few months. To tackle and fight with this situation the Indian Government already implements lockdown across India.
Even this situation is good for the Indians, but many of the individuals are suffering from it. Some are suffering from the lack of money and some suffer due to the lack of food.
Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online
qtoken in Mumbai
In this article, we will share with you all the information related to the Mumbai Liquor Delivery Scheme. The Government of India recently announced a scheme to deliver alcoholic liquor at home through the online process. The home deliveries are done by the most leading food delivery company Zomato. All the liquor shops are closed in Mumbai on 25th March. Recently the government permits to open shops but the crowd is going too heavy. After looking at those problems the government of Mumbai wanted to start Mumbai Liquor Delivery scheme online.
In this article, you will be able to get all the information related to this scheme such as application process, eligibility criteria, documents required, payment method, objectives and so on.

Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online

As because of the lockdown situation the income of the country is going low. Even in Mumbai, the recent income of state going low. As most of the incomes are coming from the alcoholic liquor, so the government of Mumbai announced to deliver Liquor home delivery in Mumbai. Now, the people of Mumbai can able to get their liquor online through the official portal.
Even the government announced about this liquor delivery scheme but till now the governments not launch any portal till now to grab this benefit. Now, the MRP of liquor is going increase as the government includes ‘unique crown charges’ along with increase.
The government of Mumbai includes 8% additional rate to the liquors. As the interest of alcoholic liquor is going increase the citizens busy to search about the home delivery scheme of Mumbai in online portals. After looking at this demand the government managed and announced this, Mumbai Liquor delivery Scheme Online. Now people will get liquor at home by the delivery executive.
 The homegrown online food delivery company Zomato will hope to deliver liquor under this scheme. But still, now no notifications will appear on the official portal about to deliver Mumbai liquor online.

Some Highlighted Points related to Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online Booking

Name of the Scheme
Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online Booking
Launched By
Mumbai Government
Citizens of India
To stop the crowd from wine shops
Official Website
Updating Soon

Zomato liquor delivery in Mumbai

Everybody is known about the famous brand Zomato. Actually, Zomato is India’s most leading food delivery company. Now in this COVID 19 situation, Zomato will also be wanted to deliver alcoholic liquor online as the official announcement of Mumbai Government. The Zomato liquor delivery in Mumbai is still not going to start.


What is Zomato?

Zomato is an Indian food delivering Company which was started in 20008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It has about 5000+ employees across India right now.

What is qtoken.in?

The qtoken.in is a web portal through which people of Mumbai State will able to but liquor online. The officials will provide the products through delivery executive.

Maharashtra Excise Liquor Token

On Tuesday, the Maharashtra State Government gave a warning on allowing the home conveyance of liquor. The Government allows Maharashtra excise token online service. Now, you can call them to order for Indian –made Foreign Liquor, spirits, wine, lager and mellow alcohol. As most of the state incomes are coming from excide sector, it will help Maharashtra to gather some more money.

Eligibility Criteria for Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online Booking

o   The consumer should be a permanent resident of Mumbai.
o   The consumer should above 21 years.


Documents required for qtoken.in Mumbai

o   Aadhar Card
o   PAN Card
o   Voter ID Card
o   Age Proof
o   Proper Delivery Address

The objective of Mumbai Liquor Home Delivery Online Booking

The main objective of this scheme is continuing the earning from the liquor sector. And also another objective of this scheme is to stop the unwanted crowd from the wine shops.

qtoken.in Mumbai Alcohol Booking

As the government of Maharashtra recently announced their online liquor delivery scheme for their citizens, now the people of also Mumbai also demanding the qtoken.in portal to buy alcoholic liquor online. The Mumbai government already announced about to launch a scheme for Mumbai Wine Online Delivery for the citizens of Mumbai. But still today they didn’t give any the official portal to buy products.
As the liquor shops are close in India from 25th March to 03 May due to lockdown, the government would lose very much money which they earn from liquor. So under this scheme, they wanted to continue Mumbai liquor Delivery Online.

In this perspective, the most knowing delivery company will come forward to deliver liquor online as home delivery under governments wine delivery scheme.  

E Token Pune, Mumbai

Q token in Mumbai recently launched in Mumbai. Through this scheme, the citizens of Mumbai will get the benefit of liquor at home as home delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy liquor online in Mumbai?

Yes, the government of Mumbai recently announced a scheme for this purpose.

What is qtoken?

Actually, qtoken is the official portal to buy liquor online in Mumbai @qtoken.in.

Why is this scheme is important?

This scheme is important to buy liquor online in Mumbai.

Can I buy liquor I Mumbai from qtoken.in?

Of course, the Mumbai State government recently announced about that but still not announce the starting date.

Can I order beer on Zomato?

Of course, as a citizen of Mumbai you are eligible to order but you follow the above mention eligibility criteria.

 Can we order liquor online in Mumbai?

Of course, recently the government of Mumbai announced to sell liquor online. Do follow our above mention steps to know other information regarding Mumbai liquor delivery online.

How to Oder liquor in Mumbai? Or What is the application procedure of qtoken.in Mumbai?

Even the government still not announced about any official website but the consumers can buy liquor in Mumbai online through qtoken.in further. 

Is alcohol delivery legal in Mumbai under this scheme?

Of course, alcohol delivery in Mumbai is legal. Even this scheme was announced by the authorities of the Mumbai Government.

Is alcohol delivery is legal in Mumbai?

Yes, delivery of alcohol is legal in India, if the company have a certificate for that purpose by the authority.

What are the documents required to apply for Mumbai Sharab online?

You should need age proof, and identity proof to order liquor in Mumbai.

Is any age criteria mentioned in the guideline for buying liquor in Mumbai online?

Yes, you must be 21 years old to buy liquor.

Which delivery company will associate with this scheme?

According to the government report, the food delivery company Zomato delivers these orders as associated with the government.

What is the official website to buy liquor in Mumbai?

The consumers should visit www.qtoken.in to buy liquor.

What is qtoke.in?

Qtoken.in is actually the official website. Through this website the interested consumer can buy liquor online.


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