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Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam 2020: Assam Nano Entrepreneurship Grant Apply Online


Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam 2020: Assam Nano Entrepreneurship Grant Apply Online:- Recently, the government of Assam has started a new scheme for the youths of the state. This special scheme is known as Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam. Now, after Delhi, the government of Assam comes forward to start and produce an entrepreneurship mindset among the schools of the state. This scheme has launched by the Finance Minister of Assam Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma Sir.

Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam
Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam

The Delhi government has started EMC classes in the classes from 9th to 12th. This entrepreneurship classes will increase the skill powers of the students. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the government has sanctioned around 149 crore Rupees for the implementation of Yuva Arohan in Assam Budget 2020-21. The government wanted to make entrepreneurship as a curricular subject from Class 11 onwards. Sarma also tweeted about the “Nano-entrepreneurship Grant” as Seed Capital for real-life projects.

In this article, we will share with you all the important points related to this scheme. In this article we will l hare with all the important aspects regarding the Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam 2020 such as benefits, eligibility criteria, documents required, key points etc. We will also share with you the step by step procedure to apply online for this scheme properly and easily.

About Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam 2020

The government of Assam has launched this Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam for the youths of the state. Through this scheme, the government will provide different incentives to the beneficiaries respectively. Now, the students will able to learn entrepreneurship subjects as the common subject in schools in Assam state. The government believes that this will help the students to increase their skills and knowledge. This scheme will help them to get better employment opportunity in different fields.

Following the modern technology, the government of Assam now introduces Entrepreneurship as a compulsory curricular subject from the Class XI onwards. This scheme will cover all the students in different courses like degree, medical and so on.

Yuva Arohan Scheme 2020
Yuva Arohan Scheme 2020

Moreover, this Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam is a great scheme which will provide and make strong manpower in the Assam state in future. As a whole, we are hoping for a great success of this scheme in the future years.

Details of Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam 2020

Name of the SchemeYuva Arohan Scheme
Launched ByAssam Government
Launching Year2020
BeneficiariesStudents of Assam
BenefitFree Entrepreneurship Class
ObjectiveTo Make Strong Man Power
Mode of Application—-
Official Websitehttps://assam.gov.in/

Benefits of the Scheme

  • This will increase the skills of the youth of the state.
  • Yuva Arohan 2020 will make strong manpower in Assam.
  • It will increase the self-believe of the students.
  • It will make students self-sufficient and provide then skills.
  • Under this scheme, beneficiaries will learn practical knowledge.

Assam Yuva Arohan Scheme Key Points

  • Development of the Entrepreneurial mindset among the youths of the state.
  • It will introduce “Entrepreneurship” as a curricular subject in Assam from Class XI onwards.
  • “Nano-entrepreneurship Grant “as the Seed Capital for Real Life Projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be the permanent resident of Assam.
  • Applicant must be a student.
Assam Yuva Arohan Scheme
Assam Yuva Arohan Scheme

Documents Required

  • No specific documents will be required for this scheme. All the schools will teach this subjects in their schools soon

Yuva Arohan Scheme Assam Application Form 2020

  • You don’t need to fill any application form to get this scheme. All schools of Assam will provide the knowledge of this scheme soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Assam Yuva Arohan Scheme 2020?

The Assam Yuva Arohan Scheme is a state government scheme launched by the state government of Assam.

From which class this scheme will teach?

This scheme will be teach from the Class XI

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