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Hey guys, we are again here to provide some important and new information to you. We are known that the whole world is now badly suffering from the global disease Corona COVID 19. India is also suffering from this disease since few months. To tackle and fight this situation the Indian Government already implements lockdown across India.
Even this situation is good for the Indians, but many of the individuals are suffering from it. Some are suffering from the lack of money and some suffer due to the lack of food and other things.
In this article, we will share with you all the information related to Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Booking Scheme. The Government of India recently announced a scheme to deliver alcoholic liquor at home through the online process. The home deliveries are done by the concerned authorities by the government. All the liquor shops are closed in Kerala from the time of lockdown. Recently the government permits to open shops but the crowd is going too heavy. After looking at those problems the government of Kerala wanted to start the Kerala Liquor Delivery scheme online.
Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase
Kerala Bevco app download
In this article, you will be able to get all information related to this scheme such as the application process, eligibility criteria, documents required, payment methods, objectives and so on.

Kerala Bevco Online Purchase

As we know that many states were already launched a different online delivery scheme through their official portals. After looking at those states Kerala has now announced a scheme to deliver liquor at home. Kerala Government wanted to sell their products Kerala State Beverage Corporation (Bevco), which is the sole distributor of liquor in Kerala State. Even till now, the government didn’t announce any date about to start this scheme, but people of Kerala state searching about it more and more online.
Actually, the main objective of starting the Kerala Bevco Liquor Online Buy Scheme is to increase the monetary field of the state. As in last month, the government could only able to collect Rs. 250 crore from a different source. As the highest income of the Kerala government is coming from the liquor sector, so they wanted to start selling liquor through the online process.
As the whole country is now under a lockdown situation, states need more money to properly run the medical and health sector. As excide sector gives more tax than other sectors so the government authorities wanted to resale liquor in Karnataka state through an online process.

Details of Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase Scheme

Name of the Scheme
Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase Scheme
Launched By
Kerala Government
The citizens of Kerala State
Economic Growth
Official Website

Kerala Liquor Type Rules

All the liquor type rules of Karnataka state is given below:
o   Abkari Shops Departmental Management Rules 1972.
o   Cochin Denatured Spirit & Methyl Alcohol Rules 1965.
o   Foreign Liquor (Storage in Bond) Rules 1961.
o   Foreign Liquor Rules.
o   Kerala Abkari (Disposal of Confiscated Articles) Rules
o   Kerala Abkari Shops (Disposal) Rules 2002.
o   Kerala Foreign Liquor (Approval of Label) Rules 2018
o   Kerala Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules 1985.
o   Kerala Rectified Spirits Rule 1972.
o   Kerala Winery Rules 1970
o   Medicinal and Toilet Preparation (Excise Duties) Rules 1956.
o   Motor Vehicle Act (SRO NO.729/16)
o   Neera Rules 2014
o   The Brewery Rule 1967.
o   The Kerala Distillery & Warehouse Rules 1968.
o   The Kerala Foreign Liquor (Compounding, Blending and Bottling) Rules 1975.
o   The Kerala Liquor Transit Rule 1975.
o   The Kerala Spirituous Preparation Control Rules 1969.
o   Tree Tax Rules 1959.
o   Varnish Rules 1965.

Kerala Liquor Home Delivery

After many stats like Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, and West Bengal launching this type of online liquor delivery scheme, now the Kerala Government wanted to launch the same. The Government of Kerala launched this type of scheme to stop the gathering from the wine shops. Even another main motto of them to increase the positivity of Social Distancing.
The people of Kerala State is now looking and waiting for Kerala Liquor Home Delivery Online Process. Even still the government didn’t announce any starting date for this scheme.
Amrit Kiran, the executive of ISWAI (International Spirits and Wines Association of India) said in front of the media that “For the biggest country like India, which is also the second biggest populated country, social distancing is very essential to stop coronavirus.”  This type of schemes will help them to keep social distancing alive.
The government authorities discussed that if they continue to sell liquors through the retail system, then it will harm the people mostly. The large gathering can increase the level of COVID 19.

Kerala Liquor Online Delivery or Kerala Bevco Online 2021

If we look at the scenario of the profile of liquor clients in the Kerala state, then according to the official report approx 32.9 lakh individuals from the 3.34 crore populace in the Kerala state devour liquor. Here, about 29.8 lakh men and 3.1 lakh ladies are there respectively. Those people will get Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase online soon. About more than 5 lakh people of Kerala devour liquor regularly. Here, about 83,851 are men and 1053 are respectively.
Under this scheme, the people of Kerala state can buy Kerala Bevco Online Purchase Liquor on the official website. The consumers will get liquor online like other states such as Nadu, Mumbai, Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, and West Bengal.

Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase

In some other state like Delhi and Mumbai, the government anticipated delivering liquor at home through qtoken in Delhi and qtoken in Mumbai. Still, now the Kerala Government not given any announcement about delivery and supplying agency and date.

Kerala Excise Department Helpline Number or Kerala Bevco Online Contact Number

If you want the contact details of Kerala excise department. Then those are as follows:
o   Telephone Number: 0471 -2335568
o   Mobile Number: 9400069400
o   E-mail ID:

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we buy liquor online in Kerala?

Yes, recently Kerala government announced about this but still didn’t give any starting date.

Where can I buy online liquor in Kerala or Kerala Bevco Online?

You can easily buy the online liquor in Kerala 2020 through the official portal

Who will get the benefit of this?

All the citizen of Kerala state whose age is more than 18 years.

Which government has launched the Bevco Home Delivery?

The Kerala state government has launched.

If you have any query regarding the Bevco Home Delivery Kerala 2021 or Kerala Bevco Online, then do ask us by commenting on the comment section below.


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