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Hey there, we are again here to provide some new information to you. We all are known that our whole world is now suffering from global disease Corona COVID-19. To tackle this problem in India, the Central Government already implements lockdown across India. Even This situation is good for us, but many of the people are badly suffering in this situation because of the lack of food, money and other things.

In this unhealthy time, along with the Central Government, the state governments also implement some new scheme for their citizens. In this article, we will share with you about a new scheme, named as Karnataka Driver Scheme. This scheme was recently announced by the Karnataka Government for the drivers of the state.
Under this scheme, the government will provide some financial assistance to the drivers, which will help them in this unhealthy situation.
karnataka driver scheme
Karnataka driver scheme
In this article, we will provide all the information related to this scheme. We will share all the important information such as benefits, application procedure, incentives, eligibility criteria, documents required and so on.

Rs. 5000 Karnataka Driver Scheme

Like the other state government, the Karnataka Government is also implementing various schemes for their citizens. Recently, this government has announced a scheme for the drivers, names as Karnataka Driver Scheme.
Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will get the financial assistance of about Rs. 5000/- on their bank accounts. As a report, the Karnataka Government declared about Rs. 1,610 crore for this scheme. This scheme was announced and declared by the Chief Minister of Karnataka State Mr BS Yediyurappa. Under this very scheme, the drivers like auto drivers, rickshaw drivers, cab drivers and other various categories will get this benefit.

Some Highlighted Points Related to Karnataka Driver Scheme

Name of the Scheme
Karnataka Driver Scheme/ Karnataka 5000/- rupees lockdown relief
Launched by
Karnataka Government
The Citizens of Karnataka State
Provide Financial Assistance of Rs. 5000/-
Official Website


This scheme is actually very beneficial for the poor in this situation. The main objective of this scheme is to provide some financial assistance to the backwards. The authorities announced this scheme to help the needy people in this unhealthy situation. Another objective is to provide financial aid to the beneficiaries. Through this scheme, the government of Karnataka wanted to make a smile on their citizens’ face. As because of the lack of money, the poor are not able to buy their livelihood properly, so, through this little help, the government tried to help their citizens.

Benefits of Karnataka Driver Scheme

The main benefits of Karnataka Driver Scheme are given below:
o The government of Karnataka declared s. 1610 crore to improve the livelihood.
o More than 60,000 washermen and 2, 30,000 hairstylists will get the benefit of Rs. 5000/- under this scheme.
o At about 7.75 lakh auto-rickshaw and the cab driver will also get the benefit of Rs. 5000/-.
o The power bills for MSMEs will be postponed for two months.
o Weavers will also get the benefits of financial assistance under this scheme.
o At about 54,000 handloom weavers will get the benefit of Rs. 2000/-.
o At about 15.80 lakh fabricating labourers will get the benefit of Rs. 5000/-.
o To avail of this service, the government has increased the price of Alcohol.
The flower growers will get the amount of Rs. 25,000/- for per hectare.
o Under this Karnataka Driver Scheme, the beneficiaries will also get benefit in electricity bill.

Eligible Candidates

The lists of eligible candidates for this scheme is given below:
o Auto driver
o Barbers
o Cab Driver
o Farmers
o Flower Growers
o Handloom
o Small and Medium Enterprises
o Taxi Driver
o Washermen
o Weavers

Karnataka Driver Scheme Application Process

As the scheme was announced and launched recently by the CM, there’s no news coming in front of us about the application procedure yet. We will update here all the procedures after getting the official notification from the Government of Karnataka.
Here, we just update the application procedure but the link isn’t active yet. Connect with us to know the procedure. We will update the link soon.

Karnataka Driver Scheme Application Process


o First of all, you should visit the official website of the  Karnataka Government
o Now, a webpage will appear on your screen.
o Click on “Karnataka Rs. 5000 auto Driver Scheme”.
oNext, application forms will appear on your screen. You should fill the form with the following details:
o Name
o Father’s Name
o Date of Birth
o Mobile Number
o Address
o License Number of the Vehicle
o Vehicle Number
o Applicant’s License Details
o Bank Account Details
o After that, you should upload some documents such as:
o Identity Proof
o Residential Proof
o Address Proof
o Vehicle License
o At last, click on “Submit”.
o Now, you will get a unique reference ID, through which you can check your application status.
[Note: The links are not updated yet to apply, here we only provide the procedure to fill the form, we will be updated here soon after getting the official notification]

Documents Required for Karnataka Driver Scheme

The applicant needs only the below mention documents to apply for this scheme:
o Registration Certificate of the Vehicle
o Driving License of the applicant
o Registered Driver Proof of Transport

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who will be benefited from Karnataka Driver Scheme?

In general, all the drivers are getting benefited from this scheme such as Auto Driver, Cab Driver, taxi driver and so on. Along with then the washermen, farmers, barbers and small & medium enterprises also get benefited from this scheme.

What is the amount of financial assistant to be given under the Karnataka Driver Scheme?

As according to the officials, the government will give the financial assistance of Rs.5000/- to the drivers under this scheme. But only the handloom weavers will get Rs. 2000/-.

What are the total numbers of beneficiaries under Karnataka Driver Scheme?

At about 7.75 drivers will get the benefits from this scheme.

What is the process to grab this scheme?

As the scheme was recently announced, the application process still not open. We will provide you with all the process after getting the official notification from the official authorities.

How the benefit amount will give to the beneficiaries?

The payable amount will be transferred to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts directly.

How much amount of government will go to give to the handloom weavers?

Under this scheme, the handloom weavers will get an amount of Rs. 2000/- for on time.

Does the government announce any scheme for the flower growers?

Yes, the flower growers will get the amount of Rs. 25,000/- for per hectare.

Am I eligible to apply without any bank account?

Yes, you are eligible, but you should open a bank account before transferred the payable amount.

Can I apply for Karnataka Driver Scheme from mobile?

Of course, you can apply for this scheme with your Smartphone.

What is the last date of Karnataka Driver Yojana?

As this scheme was recently announced, so the dates are not confirmed yet. We will update here after getting the official notification about the application procedure.

Who can apply for Karnataka Driver Scheme?

Only the citizens of Karnataka State can apply for this scheme.

Is Karnataka Driver Scheme only launched for the drivers?

No. under this scheme the farmers, weavers, flower growers, washermen, barbers and small & medium enterprises also get the benefit.

What is the main objective of this scheme?

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to many categories.

Why was this scheme launched?

This scheme was launched to help the citizens of Karnata State financially in this COVID 19 situation.

How can I receive this benefit? 

To receive this benefit you must apply for this scheme on the official website. We already mention all the steps above to apply for this scheme.

Imp. Update: This is not the official website of the government. We just provide you with the information regarding Karnataka driver scheme. Do not share any information here.

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