(New List) Assam Ration Card List 2022: New District & Block Wise List Download, Assam Ration Card Details

New Ration Card List Assam | APL BPL Assam Ration Card List | Download Block Wise Assam Ration Card New Beneficiary List | Assam Block Wise Ration Card, Assam Ration Card Application Form PDF Download
Assam Ration Card List 2022: New District & Block Wise List Download for Free:- Recently the government of Assam has been inaugurated the Assam New Ration Card. In this article, we are here to share all the important aspects of the Assam ration card 2022. In this article, we will also share every important news and procedure step-by-step to help everyone. We will share through an easy and understandable language through which you can check Assam ration card list very easily. In this article, we will share with you all the important aspects regarding the Assam Ration card List 2020 such as the objectives, benefits, importance and all the important aspects you want. So, do follow the article will end to grab all the details of this scheme easily.
Assam Ration Card List 2022
Assam Ration Card List 2022
Assam Ration Card Beneficiary List 2021-2022
If you ask me a question about What is a Ration card or Assam Ration Card List 2020? Then my answer will be Ration card is an official written document which is helpful for the people of every state. Actually, the ration card provides the proper and most essential food items among the poorer section of people in society. Poor people can get benefits of essential food at a subsidized price with the help of ration card. Surprisingly, now, a nationalized ration card is distributed among the citizens of India. Through this nationalized ration card the essential food items are distributed across the whole country. Moreover, Ration card is the most essential and helpful document for the poorer sections people’s of India. Actually, this ration card helps many of the poor people to live and eat with their little income.

Details of Assam Ration Card 2020

Article is About Assam Ration Card List
Launched By Assam Government
Beneficiaries The citizens of Assam
Objective To distribute ration cards for subsidized food
Official Website https://fcsca.assam.gov.in/portlets/ration-card
The Assam ration card was launched by the Assam government for the poorer people of Assam for their help by giving them essential food items at a subsidized rate. The Assam government provided a ration card which is like a notebook to the beneficiaries. The official website of Assam ration card is https://fcsca.assam.gov.in/portlets/ration-card

◦ Importance of the Ration Card List 2022

Of course, ration card is a very important document for the Indians as sometimes the ration card is taken as the identity proof. Actually, there are many benefits that are there through the ration card. As the main objective of the ration card is to provide food items at a low price, so, this document I mean the ration card is highly important to get essential food items at a low price. As we know that India is a developing country and the most populous country so the numbers of poor people in India is very large, and most of them even can’t afford and able to buy their day to day items. So, the ration card helps those people to live happily and make them happy. Even sometimes the poor students can get some scholarship through ration card, which makes students and helps them to study more.

◦ Types of ration card

There are three types of ration card are there for the people of India. The name of the different types of ration card is given below:
◦ APL – Above Poverty Line
The APL ration cards were issued for those households which were living under the above poverty line. These households received 15kg of food grains as based on availability.
◦ BPL – Below Poverty Line
The BPL ration cards were issued for those households which were living under below poverty line. Through BPL ration card these households were received 25 to 35 kg of food items.
◦ AAY – Antyodaya Anna Yojana
The AAY ration cards were issued for those households which were “poorest of poor”. These households were received a fixed amount of 35 kg of food grains.

◦ Eligibility Criteria

There are some eligibility criteria for applying for the ration card. The people who are eligible to apply for the ration card has must follow:
◦ The persons who haven’t ration card yet can apply for the ration card.
◦ The head women of the family also can apply for the ration card.
◦ The person who wants to apply must be a resident of Assam state.
◦ The person who wants to apply must be a citizen of India.
◦ The annual income of the resident of the applicant’s household must be less than Rupees 1 lakh.

◦ Important Documents to Apply for Assam Ration Card List

◦ Proof of no Ration card from the village head (Gaoaburha)/ Gaon Panchayat President/ Ward Commissioner/ Inspector, FCS & CA.
◦ Copies of the birth certificate of all members.
◦ Recent voter list copy.
◦ An income certificate.
◦ BPL Certificate.
◦ Tax pay receipt from Land Revenue (Khajna Rasid)
◦ The Residential proof of the members.
◦ Pan Card
◦ Driving License
◦ BPL Family serial no.

◦ The Application Procedure of Assam Ration Card

To apply for the Assam ration card, the applicant should visit their nearest ration shop or government office of the Public Distribution System which is just near to their house. The applicant can ask to fill a form of ration card on the counter; the applicant should fill-up the form and attach the required documents as mentioned above along with the form. Most probably, the ration cards will be delivered to their home within 15 days’ of time.

◦ Procedure to Check Assam Ration Card List

◦ To check the Assam ration card list, first, you should go to the official website.
◦ After it, you should select your details as they ask as
◦ District Name
◦ Tehsil Name
◦ Village Name
Assam Ration Card List
Assam Ration Card List
◦ Now Ration Card ID Code, Applicant Name, Father/ Spouse Name, Type of Ration card will appear on your screen where you search it for.

Details Mentioned in the Assam RC List 2022

If we look concentrated on the Assam RC List then we will see some details common for every one of the Assam state who are searching from the Assam Ration Card List 2021:

  • District Name
  • Tehsil Name
  • Village Name
  • Unique RC ID Number
  • Applicant Name
  • Father Name or Spouse Name
  • Type of the Card

Helpline Number/ Contact Number

The government of Assam still does not provide any specific toll-free helpline number or email id for submitting your query. We will update here after getting the official notification from the concerned authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Ration Card?

A Ration Card is a written document through which poor families can get the essential food items at a subsidized rate.

How can I apply for Ration card in Assam?

You must visit the official website to apply for ration card in Assam.

Why ration cards are important?

Those cards are important for the poor families to get food items at a subsidized rate.

What is the official website of Assam ration card check or apply?

The official website of Assam ration card is https://fcsca.assam.gov.in/portlets/ration-card.

If you have any query regarding Assam Ration Card List 2022, then do ask us by commenting on the comment section below.