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NREGA Job Card List 2022: MNREGA: The Act named as Mahatma Gandhi Employment Act 2005 is previously known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act (MNREGA) is a very important act or tool for the poor people by which they can earn some little money from the Government by doing some unskilled labour works. Actually the government of India had passed the MNREGA Act in 2005 to help the poor people by giving them some regular works for at least 100 days in a financial year.

NREGA Job Card List 2021
From the time of implementation, the list of NREGA Job Card is available for the all 29 states and the union territories under the National Rural Employment Scheme, which was implemented by the Indian Government. The people can view all their important information related to NREGA Job Card on the official website. In this article, we will try to clear all your doubts regarding the NREGA Job Card List 2021.

State wise NREGA Job Card List

Andaman & Nibobar

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Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Daman & Diu
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Hinachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

MNREGA Job Card List Benefits

Actually, there are many benefits are there of MNREGA Job Card. It helps the poor through many perspectives. The main benefits of MNREGA Job Card are as follows:
◦ The system of checking the details of NREGA Scheme Job Card is very easy through the official website.
◦ Anyone can easily and simply download the job card list by checking their name on the MNREGA Job Card List official Website.
◦ The MNREGA Job card can improve the living condition of the poor people by providing them employment opportunity for at least 100 days in the field of unskilled labour work.
◦ There’s not any long and hard procedure to apply for NREGA Job Card Scheme, as simply an Indian poor people can apply for NREGA Job Card if they fulfilled the little eligibility criteria.
◦ The NREGA Job Card List also provides all information related to the tenure of work received by the person.
◦ The working procedure is also simple in under MNREGA Job Card Scheme, as unskilled labour can also eligible for the NREGA Scheme. Under the MNREGA Scheme, the people would be given employment opportunity under the 5 km of range from their residence, and they will be paid a minimum wage.
◦ Interestingly, If the Government will not able to give the job opportunity within the 15 days of time, then Government is liable to pay the employees their wages without any work under this MNREGA Job Card Scheme.

History of MNREGA Scheme

MNREGA or Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act 2005 is an labour law and which was passed in September 2005. When the MNREGA was implemented or designated the total government allocation to the precursors of Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act had been about three-quarters oF Rs. 1 trillion as about $14 billion.

Steps to Check NREGA Job Card 2021-22

There are little steps are there to check the NREGA Job Card List. We will guide you step by step to check the NREGA Job Card List online. The steps are as follows:
◦ First of all, the applicant should visit the official website of MNREGA Job Card Scheme.
◦ After it, you will see a webpage of MNREGA Job Card. So, under the Transparency & Accountability section of the MNREGA website, there is a of Job Card Section; the applicant should click on” Job Card Section”.
◦ After it, on the next page, the applicant will see a list of all states and union territories, the applicant should select their state, where they currently reside on the MNREGA website.
◦ Next, you need to provide the information related to the Districts, Financial Year, Panchayat, and the Block. After filling all the details click on the “Submit” button.
◦ After it, a list of NREGA Job Card applicants will appear on the screen, the applicants are requested to check their names on the given job card list.

Important questions related to NREGA Job Card List

What is NREGA Scheme?
NREGA is a government employment scheme designated by the Government of India to help the poor people to provide them employment opportunity for at least 100 days in a financial year through unskilled labour work. This Scheme will provide a minimum wage to the employees, which may help them a lot to live their life.
How can I download the NREGA Job Card?
The applicants can download the Job Card List 2021 through the official website. We already had discussed  to check and download the NREGA Job Card above. Do see the above sections to see the proper information.

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