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Patta Chitta Online Status 2021
Patta Chitta Online Status 2021


தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல், TN Patta Chitta Status Online | Patta Chitta Online Status Tamilnadu

Hello visitors, Patta Chitta is very important for the people of India. In this article, we will provide all the related information about TN Patta Chitta. We will provide all the important and latest information such as information about the online application, eligibility, application, and the validity of TN Patta Chitta. Luckily, nowadays you do not need to spend any money at CSC Center to apply for online Patta Chitta from home. After reading all the information we provide, you will able to apply online for TN Patta Chitta.
Actually, Patta Chitta is related to land.
So, this is, I man Patta Chitta is an extremely important land reform document which will be issued by the officials under the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Government provides an official website for the help of the people, from which we can easily apply and view our land record and it will help us get the Patta Chitta details online.
Actually, this type of digitalized works can help people to look out for their records immediately at any time and any place that also can save their time. As we already said that Patta Chitta is an official document of land; so, through this essential official documents are required to digitized the land records in the State Tamil Nadu in the year 2019-20. Here, in this article, we will guide you step-by-step about all the important aspects that people generally ask for Patta Chitta.


What is Patta?

In general words, the Patta is the most important official and the legal document issued by the Tamil Nadu Government in the name of the real property owner. The Patta is actually related to land reforms. The Patta Chitta serves as a revenue record of a specific piece of land. It is also known as the “Record of Rights” (ROR). There are many details also related to Patta, those are as follows:
◦ The name of the exact property owner
◦ The name of the district, taluka, and village are concerned with the owner.
◦ Patta Number
◦The exact Land Areas information and the details of Tax.
◦ Survey Number and The Subdivision
◦ The proper description of the land as the land being wetland or dryland.

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What is Chitta?

Surprisingly, Chitta is also related to land as it is a legal revenue document that’s giving information about the immovable property which is may be issued by the VAO OR Village Administration Officer and Taluka Office. As Patta, Chitta also provides the proper details about land ownership, land size, and the area of land.
Moreover, as from the priority the lad is classified in Nanjai and Punjai; Nanjai means Wetland and Punjai means Dry Land respectively. Here, the term “Nanjai” refers to a special land or area which is covered by canals, rivers, ponds, etc. However, the term “Panjai” refers to the lands which were less covered by the water bodies.

Key Points of TN Pitta Chitta Land Record Portal

Portal Name
TN Patta Chitta Land Record or Patta Chitta Online Status
Categories in Article
Patta Chitta, Tamil Nadu Land Records, TN Patta View Status Check
Launched By
Tamil Nadu State Government
Facilitating access to information through digitization
Department Name
Revenue Department
Tamil Nadu Govt. Schemes
Official Website

Patta Chitta Online Status or TN Patta Chitta Application Online Process

As the official website is the same for the urban and rural areas but the procedure is much different from each other. We will guide you step-by-step about the online process easily; must follow the below procedure accordingly:
◦ No matter whether you belong to a rural or urban area; the first steps will be the same. First of all, you have to visit the official site of the Department of Revenue, Tamil Nadu
Patta Chitta Online Status
◦ Next, you’ll see a webpage, click on “view Patta & FMB/ Chitta/TSLR Extract”.
◦ Next, you have to select your own areas District on the new page. Here is an area, you’ll be given an option of urban and rural. Select your option where you belong, and click “Submit”.

For the Urban Areas

◦ If you belong to urban areas then select your district, taluka, and village name on the web page and also select one from the Patta or Survey Number and fill the CAPTCHA CODE as they ask and click on “Submit”.

For the Rural Areas

◦ If you belong to rural areas then enter the name of your district, taluka, city, block, survey number, and subdivision number, and click on “Submit” after filling the CAPTCHA CODE properly.
Note: for your eagerness, we want to say you that if your all details will be correct then the Town Survey Land Register will issue a certificate online with the specific land information; including important information such as the type of survey number, locality, municipal gate number, etc. So, be careful while you are filling in the information.

Documents required for applying for TN Patta Chitta Online Status

Some of the basic documents are required if you applying for the TN Patta Chitta online. The documents that are important and mostly required are as follows:
◦ You have to submit the Sale Deed for verification.
◦ You have to submit the Proof of Possession such as
         ◦ Paid tax receipt
         ◦ Recent Electricity Bill
◦ Encumbrance certificate.

Transfer of Patta Chitta in Patta Chitta Online Status

Actually, the transfer of Patta Chatta is a very important term that people ask for. The transfer of Patta Chatta is done only in the event of the property sale. However, the process of Patta transfer is not much hard, luckily, it is similar to the registration process of Patta Land. But we required some basic documents for the transfer of TN Patta Chitta process, the documents are as such:
◦ A copy of the land sale record.
◦ A court affidavit by any advocate.
◦ Proof of possession of property, water or electricity bill, etc.

The stages of TN Patta Chitta Transfer or Patta Chitta Online Status

You should submit an application to your nearest Tehsildar office. After it, your application will be examined for some days on the basis of your provided documents and according to the examination, you will get the result of whether your application will be accepted or rejected.

How to Check the Status of TN Patta Chitta or Patta Chitta Online Status

There is a simple procedure to check the status of TN Patta Chitta. The whole process is given below:
◦ For checking the status of TN Patta Chitta you should visit the Tamil Nadu E-District Official Website.
◦ After it enters your ‘Application ID’ and fill the CAPTCHA CODE as mentioned there.
◦ After it clicks on “Get Status”. Congratulation guys, now you’ll be able to see the status of your Patta Chitta application.

Validation of Patta Certificate

Anyone can check the validity of the issued certificate online, but having this you should follow some simple steps; the steps are as follows:
◦ First of all, go to the official website.
◦ After it, you will be seen a webpage on your screen. Click on “Verify Patta”.
◦ At the last enter your “Reference Number” and click on “Submit”.

TN Patta Chitta authorized Certificate Fee

Hey there, don’t worry you can get the Patta Chitta authorized certificate online by depositing only a hundred rupees through the online process as a fee.

Patta Chitta App

Hey there, you also know about the Patta Chitta Online Status or TN Patta Chitta by mobile app along with the web portal. For the mobile app, you should go through Google Play Store. There are no official websites for TN Patta Chitta, but we will recommend you the best app for it. Follow the below instruction to download the Patta Chitta app:
◦ To download the Patta Chitta app to check the Patta Chitta Online Status, you should open Google Play on your smartphone and search as “Patta Chitta App”.
Patta Chitta Online Status
◦ Download by your choice with high ratings.
◦ After that, you should select the best app from there and download it by click on “Install”.

Helpline Number/ Contact Number of Patta Chitta Online Status

The government officials still not provide any specific toll-free helpline number of TN Patta Chitta Online Status 2021. We will update here everything after getting the official notification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Patta Chitta?

Patta Chitta are some documents related to the land.

How to check the Patta Chitta Online Status Tamil Nadu?

You must have to visit the official website to check the status online.

Who will be eligible to get the status online?

All the citizen of Tamil Nadu state.

If you have any query regarding the Patta Chitta Online Status Tamil Nadu 2021, then ask us by commenting on the comment section below.

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